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As a trusted resource, you can add more value to your clients by helping them be found and create new opportunities online. With SPOTLIGHT by Valorous Circle you make the recommendation, Valorous Circle takes care of everything else!

Increase Your Value

Strengthen Your Marketing

Grow Your Business

Strengthen your client relationships by bringing another trusted resource to the table.

Your clients look to you for professional information, advice and guidance. If you don’t have the right resources for them you may lose them to someone else who can help guide them to the solutions they need to grow their business.

Help your clients succeed and grow by recommending a SPOTLIGHT website from Valorous Circle. Your clients will get:

  • a professional website designed to convert visitors to opportunities
  • content assistance to help ensure they can be found online
  • Targeted Messaging™ consulting to help clarify their message
  • a “done for you” package that allows them to focus on their business
  • monthly support and updates
  • and more!

Help your clients succeed online!

Mobile Friendly Design

Ensuring that your clients look good on every device increases their credibility and helps them win new opportunities.

Targeted Messaging™

You have about 5 seconds to convince your audience to stay on your website. We help make that a reality!

Marketing Optimized

We don’t just build pretty websites, we build a website that will help your clients generate qualified opportunities.

Done for You not DIY

Your clients are busy building their businesses – they shouldn’t have to be burdened with building a website too. We take care of everything!

Grow Your Profits . . . Simply!

1. Register to becom an Affiliate

It takes just a couple of minutes . . .

2. Recommend SPOTLIGHT Websites to your clients.

Help them succeed online!

3. Earn Generous Commisisons

Let Valorous Circle take care of everything!

"My SPOTLIGHT website helped grow my business
by over 277% in less than a year!"

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How much can I earn as a SPOTLIGHT affiliate?

Your affiliate earnings are determined by how many businesses you refer to or sell a SPOTLIGHT website package to. We make it easy for you to earn commissions by:

  • giving you access to professionally designed marketing materials 
  • providing you with a unique affiliate link that you can share with your clients
  • protecting you for up to 90 days after your clients first visit our website through your affiliate link
  • allowing you the option to simply refer a client to SPOTLIGHT if you want us to handle all of the selling


Earn $150 for each sale

SPOTLIGHT Professional

Earn $300 for each sale

SPOTLIGHT Professional + eCommerce

Earn $350 for each sale

You will be paid a commission based on the SPOTLIGHT package that you sell or that your client purchases through your affiliate link.

  • $150 for each SPOTLIGHT Basic
  • $300 for each SPOTLIGHT Pro
  • $350 for each SPOTLIGHT Pro + eCommerce

The professional SPOTLIGHT team is ready to help out! We can answer your questions and talk directly to your customers if you’d like.

You can also simply refer a customer to SPOTLIGHT and let us close the sale so you can focus on your business. Note, referral commissions are 50% of normal commissions.

Absolutely. If you’d like the SPOTLIGHT team to close the sales just complete the referral form (after becoming an approved affiliate) and we will do the selling and pay you a 50% commission.

SPOTLIGHT Basic Referral Commission = $75

SPOTLIGHT Professional Referral Commission = $150

SPOTLIGHT Professional + eCommerce Referral Commission = $175

While you are welcome to join in on any of the project meetings the SPOTLIGHT team at Valorous Circle will handle all aspects of the project, including billing, project management, design, development and consulting.

Absolutely. As an affiliate we provide you with discounted SPOTLIGHT packages to help you be found and grown your business!

Absolutely! We have a team of trained SPOTLIGHT professionals ready to answer your questions and help you succeed as a SPOTLIGHT affiliate. Give us a call at 616-929-0790 and ask for a SPOTLIGHT team member.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do our clients have to say?

"Can't say enough about how incredible it is to have Valorous Circle in our corner. They listen to our needs and provide amazing all in web and digital media marketing solutions. As great communicators, they help us navigate our ideas and goals clearly in the digital world. They provide amazing customer service and implement new content and marketing strategies in the ever changing digital landscape. Jon, Tony and the entire team are easy to work with, quick to reply and deliver great results which has helped us grow as a company. I would recommend them to anyone who needs an all in web base company. Top notch. LOVE THEM!"
Max-Air Trampolines
"The team at Valorous Circle provides excellent guidance, expertise, content, and strategy. They are great partners as we grow our business!"
"What a great company to work with! They were on top of everything and great communication! Our old website went down and they were able to design a new one within the week. We love it!! Valorous is absolutely the best!"
Wayne ReLeaf

All information presented on this page is deemed reliable although it is not guaranteed. Information is subject to change without notice.
Please contact an authorized SPOTLIGHT representative at 616-929-0790 with any questions.